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s p i r i t   o f   Danube   Delta

"The land beyond the shadows", the Danube Delta, the place in which "Rio Divino" (the Danube at the Court of Charles Quint and "Le roi des fleuves de l'Europe", quoted from Napoleon) flows into the Black Sea adds 43,7 sq. m to Europe every year.
Herodot believed that the Danube divided into five arms, and so did Eratostene of Alexandria and the Greek Polybiu (272-120 B. C.). The assumption was refuted at the beginning of the first millenium by geographer Strabon of Pontus, who counted seven arms, the Roman Plinius the Elder, who settled for six, and the Egyptian Claudius Ptolemeus (ca. 90-168 A. D.), who counted seven arms again, the "Holy Mouth" included ; medieval maps are no less inconsistent : the Danube flowed either into the Marmara Sea, or into the Dardanelles, and if it chose to pour its waters into the Black Sea, then it was given either 1-2 arms, or 5-6, one of which drawn generously right through the port of Constanta ...
Only in 1856 the English Captain Spratt would eventually draw a map closer to reality, that is closer to the reality of his time. For nowadays things stand quite differently, and the lighthouses built on the seashore in 1802 (Sulina) and 1865 (Sf. Gheorghe) are now two to three km away from the waterfront !
A mysterious place, in perpetual change since the oldest times, hiding treasures one cannot even imagine . You can contemplate the mystery or crack it open… and be the first to do so in the last three thousand years.
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