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Presence of settlements in the Danube Delta, and generally in Dobroudja, is attested since the ancient times. In a way, the entire history of humanity can be reconstructed in the area between the Danube and the Black Sea.
The treasures and vestiges unearthed at Agighiol, Capul Dolosman or Niculitel are as famous as the "Thinker" of Hamangia.
Ovidiu noted about the language and culture of the ancient inhabitants of Dobrougja that, "If Homer visited this land / Trust me, he would have become a Gete.". Remnants of the Greek civilization can be seen everywhere, from Histria to Orgame (Capul Dolosman) - the oldest Greek colony attested on Romania's territory.
The Roman culture and civilization raised on the Romanian bank fortress which can now be visited in all the settlements ranging from Moldova Noua to Sfantu Gheorghe, especially on the right bank.
In the immediate vicinity of the Morena Complex lie the ruins of the Halmyris fortress and, very likely, the place where the Roman fleet was stationed (in Plateypegiis ).
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