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The Danube Delta, "one of the last sanctuaries of nature" is often called the wild paradise. In an area with a surface of 4,200 sq. km, the presence of 3,400 species of the aquatic fauna has been recorded so far, amounting to 98 percent of the European species.
Out of the 280 bird species recorded in the Danube Delta, 177 nest here, some which protected by law: White Pelican, Dalmatian Pelican, Great White Egret, Litle Egret, Mute Swan, Red Breasted Goose, Ferruginous Duck, Avocet and many other species.
Attested as early as Herodot's time, fishing in the Danube Delta relies on an abundance of species (CARP, PIKE, PERCH, BELUGA).
Mammals and reptiles count an impressive number of species. The Danube Delta flora, one of the richest in Europe, is featured by the presence of 1,150 species, from the yellow and white water lilies to the "tropical forests" of Letea and Caraorman, with lianas and 500 years old trees. One may often encounter floating islands, plauri, made of a large number of plant species and sheltering a rich fauna (wild boar, the enot dog, muskrat beaver, otter and mink).

As a result of efforts by Jacques Cousteau among others, and with UNESCO support, the importance of the Danube Delta as a "wild area" has been recognized in its consecration as a Biosphere Reservation.
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